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November 2021

Hygiene Hub | Approaching Periodontal Disease with Love

  • Importance of Data Gathering for identifying periodontal disease
  • Classifying healthy, gingivitis, and periodontal disease
  • Staging & Grading
  • Discussion around fear-based beliefs around periodontal disease

October 2021

Hygiene Hub | The Fight on Periodontal Pathogens

  • Periodontal Disease & Arestin Utilization
  • Identify best-fit candidates for Arestin therapy
  • Effective Patient Education & Overcoming Objections

September 2021

Hygiene Hub | Periodontal Disease & The Cascade Effect

  • Healthy Hygiene Updates
  • Panelist Discussion with top performing hygienists around Periodontal
    Disease and the Oral & Systemic Link

August 2021

Hygiene Hub | The One Thing

  • Introduction of “The One Thing” book
  • Setting goals and plans to execute

July 2021

Hygiene Hub | Live a Life of Abundance

  • Scarcity & abundance mindset around Healthy Hygiene

June 2021

Hygiene Hub | Reach Your True North

  • Introduction of the 5 Star Scaler Program
  • Define our True North

May 2021

Hygiene Hub | Putting it all Together: Consistent Best Practices that Drive Best-in-Class Care

  • Recap of 2021 Hygiene Hubs
  • Team Member Testimonials: What are your biggest Hub Take-aways?

April 2021: Study Club

Hygiene Hub | Oral Cancer: What You Need to Know

  • The Facts on Oral Cancer
  • Oral Cancer Screenings & Examinations
  • Treatment

March 2021

Hygiene Hub | Empowered RDH

  • Define the Empowered RDH Mindset
  • Economic Independence, Confidence & Self-Worth, Decision Making, Voice &
    Leadership, Time Use, Mobility, & Health

February 2021

Hygiene Hub | Education Leads to Expertise

  • Introduction of the Hygiene Hub
  • Hygiene inFUSION Launch
  • Our mission to become best-in-class for every patient at every visit

January 2021

Hygiene Hub | Beyond the Basics

  • Ownership of your hygiene schedule.
  • Effective Hygiene Scheduling
  • Confirmation & Reappointment Best Practices
  • Team Efficiencies

October 2020

Hygiene Hub | Delay Decay Fluoride--Why we Need it

  • Reviews over ADA Caries RiskĀ 
  • Management Protocol
  • Education around the science and benefits of Fluoride
  • Effective patient education on managing the future dental disease.

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