North American Dental Group adds three local dentistry practices to network

North American Dental Group is adding three local dentist practices to its affiliate network.

And if you find yourself a little unnerved going to the dentist during the pandemic, don’t be.

“Being in a dental office is probably one of the safest places you could be,” Dr. Christopher Campus said. “Because of the amount of all the barriers that we have on all the equipment that are replaced after each patient. We change out all the disposables that we use after each patient.”

Having personal protective equipment is one thing; obtaining them is another.

“Just going through the struggles of just our everyday clinical supplies, and knowing how difficult it was to get those was a challenge in itself,” Campus said. “We might have received a box of 160 N95 masks, and I’m telling the sales rep, I don’t know when we’re going to have more of these.”

On top of the limited amount of supplies available, Campus still had to contend with the operational aspects of running his three dental practices in Pensacola.

Enter, the North American Dental Group.

Since 2008, the North American Dental Group has provided non-clinical administrative support for its affiliated practices including human resources, information technology, marketing, payroll and accounting services.

“The main attraction, for me, was to partner with somebody that could provide those services at a remote location to free up some of the people in the front desk,” Campus said. “This will allow a better patient experience. When the patients come in, and you have three people in the front office talking on the phone, dealing with insurance companies, the patient will feel like they’re not getting the attention they deserve.”

Campus’s three dental practices, Sorrento Dental Care, Aggie Dental Center and Bright Downtown Dental Arts, recently joined the ranks of the North American Dental Group’s growing network of 240 dental practices across 15 states.


Article author: Kalyn Wolfe

Originally published in: Pensacola News Journal