Michigan Dental Group Joins North American Dental

The North American Dental Group is pleased to announce that Dental Care of Michigan, under the direction of Dr. Shakib Halabu and Dr. Sadeer Daood, have joined the North American Dental Group of practices effective September 2, 2014. These 12 offices in the northern and western suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, will increase the current total of practices in the family to 45.

“It is a pleasure to partnering with such a quality and professional group as Dental Care of Michigan,” said Kenneth Cooper, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of North American Dental Group. “We are excited as a company to be growing into the Detroit area, look forward to sharing our goal of delivering unsurpassed patient care to those in southern Michigan.”

In addition, Dr. Halabu and Dr. Daood will be joining the North American Dental Group executive team. Dr. Halabu has been serving the metro Detroit area for over 30 years, with the last few years helping to form the Dental Smiles of Michigan group, and received his master’s degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Dr. Daood has been with Dental Smiles of Michigan for the past five years and received his doctorate in dental surgery from the University of Detroit-Mercy.

North American Dental Group was founded in 2010 in the Youngstown Ohio area by Kenneth Cooper, along with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andrew Matta and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Chad Wise. They previously had 33 offices before the partnership located throughout Ohio, western Pennsylvania, and eastern Michigan under the Refresh Dental, Corner Dental, and Dental Express brands.

To find out more information on Dental Care of Michigan, visit www.makingbeautifulsmiles.com. For additional information on North American Dental Group, please visit www.sparq.us/nadental.